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Susie Marshall, Manager, McCall Farmer’s Market

Victor participated as a vendor at the McCall Farmers Market for the first time in 2009 and quickly became a very valuable vendor, adding to the overall success of the Market with his quality products and commitment to all-natural and sustainable production. He actively worked to build awareness of the importance of local and sustainably grown food and the value such practice adds to the finished product. His sales grew as the season progressed and he found a strong venue for direct marketing his product.

We are proud to offer our Signature products through
our NEVER EVER Program™:

The livestock we raise and purchase have NEVER EVER been fed or injected with any hormones, growth promotants, or antibiotics.
The livestock we raise and purchase have NEVER EVER been given feed or supplements containing animal by-products.

Elisa Jordan, Perishable Manager, Boise Food Co-Op

The Boise Co-Op is a member-owned cooperative that delivers the finest sustainable and specialty products to the local community. The Co-Op became aware of Weiser River Signature Beef through Northwest Premium Meats, who supplies other meat products to the Co-Op. Elisa has worked closely with Victor to ensure he was able to provide the Co-Op with a product that meets their requirement of high quality, local, and affordable. They are currently purchasing two (2) animals per week for their fresh meat counter and will increase that amount as demand increases.

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